I’m happy with Everybody Lies as a title, and the second in that series will be Somebody’s Secrets, and the third will be Nobody’s Fool. So far, so good.

But I just finished the edits of the first in the Mac Davis series — it is with a beta reader now — and I have no clue. I’d been thinking about Betrayed, or some such. But I did a title search at Amazon and came up with 200 plus hits. I think it’s been over used. 🙂

So what makes a good title? Catchy, short, relevant. Same as with headlines. muckraker? But I don’t use that term. And series titles should follow, as above,. I’ve often wounded if Evanovich has regretted her alliterations? And I may regret mine for Talkeetna if the series goes for twenty books like hers is.

So, Mac is a reporter, who used to be a Marine. Before that he ran with the gangs. Now someone is targeting him and he has no idea why. (Target? Target Practice?). What about book 2? It is more Janet’s story about escaping from a faith based community. And being kidnapped and taken back. Some 200 books in mysteries has target in the title. Sigh. Still Target Practice might work. It is not quite right. Hard Target? Better. But then, where do I go for book 2? Come Heaven or Hell? Maybe cutesy isn’t necessary. Man of God has been the working title. More work needed.