Mac Davis title

A quick update — Mac Davis ‘s first book title will be Trust No One. The cover is done. The copy is at the last reader. Should go up on March 15.

I’m about 11,000 words into Somebody’s Secrets — about 15 percent of the way to a first draft. I had the book mapped out in my head before I started. I knew the opening scene. The ending scene. My goal was to write 1000 words a day for 2 months. Got about 6000 words into it and realized I did not know who the villain was. Oops. So I had to pause and do some character sketches.

How could that happen? Well, I was focused on the protagonist Paul Kitka and the changes he is forced to make in his thinking about the past and in his ability to relate to other people. And so the bad guys were these nebulous they, because that’s how Kitka thinks of them. But of course they can’t stay these shadowy figures. Hence the pause.

as for 1000 words a day? Yes, I can do that. But I’m averaging closer to 500 words. Some days I don’t get any done. So that would take 4 months. Still a fine pace. The Talkeetna series is shorter in length about 65000 words and has little gore in them. Mac Davis is longer, more of a thriller, and a bit more violent.


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