Ok, so sales are exactly what you’d expect — low. In about ten weeks, I’ve sold 23 books. I have two reviews, both positive.

But there are some interesting points:

  • I’ve sold one book in the UK. Who knew?
  • I’ve sold approximately half through Amazon, and half through Smashwords (which includes all other sites).
  • I’ve sold three through Apple. I probably know everyone who has bought the books, but the exceptions are these, and of course the UK one. So browsers are finding me at Apple more than any other site.
  • A lot of discussion lately has been about the value of KDP Select at Amazon. Many swear by it, but it requires exclusivity. Right now, that would cut my sales in half — and eliminate almost all of my sales to browsers. This is statistically an example of the fallacy of small numbers, but it is still interesting.


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