Sins of Omission is out

Sins of Omission is live at Amazon and Smashwords. It was the first real novel I completed. I’d written lots of stuff from as early as I could toddle. Short stories, fragments of stories, even novellas. But they were written to entertain me and I didn’t need them polished, or even revised.

In the late 80s I was part of a writer’s group. The challenge went up: can you write a chapter a week? The next week I showed up with chapter one of this book (titled shades of gray at that point. As you can guess, I didn’t stick with that title.). Everyone took it home to read and critique. Week two we did the critique of chapter one and I gave them chapter 2. And so on. I was writing for an audience, and as a journalist, I felt comfortable writing now that I had an audience. I finished the first draft in 17 weeks.
But I was stymied by the bureaucracy of the publishing industry, and it went into the proverbial bottom drawer to be joined by other novels.

Fast forward to now. Sins of Omission would have required more revision than I could contemplate to make contemporary. As I reread this series of novels I realized that raving them set in the 1980s gave them something to be said that couldn’t if I modernized them. So I’ve left them as historical novels. Watch for Pledge Allegiance coming soon.


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