Getting Back Into Writing

I lost my focus.  Pledge Allegiance came out a year ago and I haven’t done much since.  Not a blog post even.  I revised the first chapters of In God’s Name (sequel to Trust No One) and then spluttered out.

Life got in the way.  After Pledge Allegiance came out, I decided I needed to give up my farm.  Health issues.  So I put the farm up for sale, and I moved to Ashland, Oregon.  To a cottage in a condo complex.  I love it!  And then I settled in, nested.  Spring, I tried a writer’s group, but couldn’t make it work for a variety of reasons: health, not the right group, so on.  (More on writing groups some other time.)

So here it is, a year later.  And I’m committed to beginning again.

Baby steps.  Barbara Sher wrote about resistance in one of her books.  Pick the smallest unit of movement toward your goal that you can do without triggering resistance. Because resistance — otherwise known as writer’s block — is a bitch.  My words. 🙂

My goal is to have In God’s Name Done by Christmas. My plan is to write an hour a day, about 300-400 words.  This week, however, I just committed to baby steps toward writing. One each day.  Day 1 — charge the laptop battery. Day 2 and 3 (today) read the existing chapters.

They’re pretty good.  Not to brag, but this is the fourth or fifth read through and I still am enjoying it.  Fixing small stuff. Getting reacquainted with the story.  Baby steps.

I set other goals too.  Blog once a week.  Do a marketing task once a month. So here’s week 1.

In God’s Name due out Dec. 15.  Online near everyone.


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