Or something like that….

I’m committing to writing 50,000 words during November as part of National Novel Writing Month.  People from all over the country, pledged to complete a novel in 30 days. 

Well — complete 50,000 words of a first rough — usually really rough — draft.  Most novels these days are in the 80000 and up range.

Since I’m about 50,000 words from the end of In God’s Name (which will end up being 110,000 words) it seemed fated to participate this year. Friday, I had coffee with four other women in Ashland who are also participating.

One of the challenges of a writer’s life can be the solitude of it.  I like situ de better than most, but even I like the companionship of those with shared passions.  So NaNoWriMo tries to create community around what is essentially a solitary craft.  Of course with 1500 words to average each day, time is hard to come by for socializing.  Still, I do better with accountability, so I may use Friday coffee to keep me on track.

One young woman is part of a group of fantasy writers who use gaming to work out plot and characters.  They have gatherings where they dress in character and do role play.  How cool is that?

So I wrote 800 words today and edited in a 500 word chunk for a total of 1355 words.  Took 1hr15. Will need to build up speed and endurance, but I’m on my way.  

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