Pledge Allegiance

pledgecoversmIn Texas in the 1980s, a young black high school student says he won’t play for varsity football because they carry the confederate flag. Katy Williams, editor at the local newspaper, is stunned by the reaction of the town — and her staff — which ranges from indifference to the flag to outrage that anyone would challenge it at all. When five of the starting line up follow Clay off the team, the situation turns explosive. And then, the police find a body hanging from the goal posts. It’s one of the players, and a note says, one down and six to go….

If you think this only happened decades ago and wouldn’t happen now, think again. The rally to the confederate flag still continues. It flies in the capital of South Carolina. It was waved in support of Tea Party politics to shut down the government in 2013. This story is fiction. But once upon a time in Texas, a young player defied his school to protest the confederate flag. He forced a compromise, and yes the KKK marched that night. He’s one of my heros. I don’t remember his name, and don’t know what happened to him afterwards. This book is dedicated to all the young people who stand up for what they believe and for the mothers who taught them to do so.


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